We want to do everything we can to ensure you will receive the most
accurate advice possible. Follow these three simple steps to discuss
your case with an experienced immigration attorney.
Scheduling Your Appointment
Since our clients come from so many different time zones, we have
found that the best to schedule international calls is to first find a time
that is convenient for you.
Please find one or two appointment times that work for you, and
email your suggestions to Within
24 hours you will receive an email confirmation if an attorney is
available for one of the times you suggested. Otherwise, we may
suggest a different time that may be possible.
Every effort will be made to find a time when an attorney is available,
and that may include weekends and late evenings (local time at our
office). Please keep in mind that court schedules, travel and teaching
responsibilities sometimes limit attorney availability.
For more information on how consultations are conducted, follow
this link.
Make Your Payment
Once an appointment time has been arranged, you can return to this
page to pay the US$100 fee for your consultation.
Your payment can be made using several major credit cards as well
as from your Paypal account.
When Time, contact us by phone or Skype
It is that easy! Full details for consultations are on this page
and please email if you need